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Feeling Down From Someone Judging Me

Feeling Down From Someone Judging Me

When I was feeling down from someone judging me and how I do not do my job well enough, I started feeling depressed. I was feeling depressed because In my mind, How can anyone say those things when I slave away working and giving my all?


Then I realized what was actually happening to me to me. I was getting affected because I put more importance in what others thought of me that what I thought about myself despite the fact that they were not true.


I then corrected my own attitude:


I do  not need your approval. I appreciate it. But I do not need it. I do not need  you to like me. I do not need to please anyone. Your assessment of me is not as important as how I assesss myself. I trust myself. You may think I am selfish and uncaring and inconsiderate but those are your thoughts and not mine. I know I do my best. If you think otherwise, that's your problem and not mine.



sobrang ganda dude. keep going sa kakagawa ng mga ganitong bagay at sure ako marami ang maispire to do the same

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